Terms and conditions

With the booking request you should specify your basic contact data (name, telephone and email address). The total capacity will be from 4 to 6 people max. (for children minimum age will be 2 years old). A 25% will be payed in advance, the rest in cash at the arrival. The whole amount may be transferred at least one week before the stay begins. The bank transfer costs are borne by the customer and never subtracted from the total amount of accommodation.

Check-in and check-out times

Check-in will be between 17.00h and 20.00h, and check-out will be before 12.00h.

If asked in advance, for weekend bookings the departure may be during the afternoon hours, but only if no other customer is checking-in later the same day.

How to make the booking

We will send a confirmation email with the total amount and an account number where to transfer the a 25% in advance. Once verified the transfer you will receive a confirmation of the booking by email in 48 hours max., together with all necessary details.

What is included ?

The whole stay, towels, bed sheets, costs of electricity (heating included) and water supplies, and also wood for the fireplace.

Is there a cradle available ?

Yes. Please ask for it in advance.

Are pets allowed ?

We’re sorry but we cannot allow pets.

Are meals served ?

We do not serve meals, anyway you can find nice places around just 10 minutes away by car where you can enjoy local food breakfasts, lunches and suppers.

Booking cancellation

Cancellations and compensation for waiver of the stay

The cancellation of a reservation produces costs calculated on the amount of the deposit for the reservation.

The cancellation of the reservation will result in the retention of, at most, the following amounts:

1- 5% of the deposit when the cancellation of the booking is made more than thirty days before the date fixed for occupying the accommodation.

2- 50% of the deposit when the cancellation is made less than thirty days and more than seven.

3- 100% of the deposit when the cancellation is made less than seven days in advance.

In the event of circumstances beyond the control of the customer or due to force majeure apply the same criteria set out in this section for cancellations.

Price Changes

The prices shown on the Website are subject to change. El Castell de l’Espunyola reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. However, once the confirmation of receipt of a reservation is received from El Castell de l’Espunyola, the price payable in respect of that reservation will not be changed.

El Castell de l’Espunyola informs that despite careful updates of the Website the prices shown may be erroneous. Any prices shown in error will be amended as soon as possible and shall not be binding on El Castell de l’Espunyola.